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Pressure Relief for Recliners

Pressure Relief Recliner Chairs and Alternating Pressure Recliners

Products in this section are for patients that enjoy spending time in recliner chairs. These products are designed for pressure relief and to prevent and heal stage 1-2 bed sores. Alternating pressure mattress systems for recliner chairs can heal up to a stage 4 bed sores.

Air Mattress Systems for Recliner Chairs

These air mattress systems for recliner chairs use alternating pressure therapy to allow blood flow to reach to the skin to heal bed sores and decubitus ulcers.

Standard Recliner Chairs/ Geri Chairs

These can be used on standard recliner chairs or Geri Chairs.

Free Shipping on All Pressure Relief Recliners

Free Shipping on pressure relief recliners, alternating pressure matters, hospital beds, medical air mattresses, pressure sore cushions for recliners, gel mattress for recliner chairs, wide alternating pressure mattress for recliner chairs, and more.

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