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Alternating Pressure Overlays, Alternating Pressure Pads

What is an alternating pressure overlay? Alternating pressure overlays are designed to work with your existing mattress. These mattresses fit on top of your existing bed and use alternating pressure therapy to prevent and treat pressure sores.

Alternating pressure overlays can come in two categories short term or long term care solutions. The alternating pressure pads are a cost effective short term solution. These overlays fit over the existing mattress and are light weight and portable. The alternating pressure pads come in a fixed or deluxe setting

Fixed alternating pressure pads will inflate to a maximum firmness and alternate under the patient every 5 minutes.

Deluxe (variable) alternating pressure pads will alternate every 5 minutes and will allow the patient to adjust the firmness and softness for patient comfort.

Alternating pressure overlays that are 5" thick are more of a long term care solution. These mattresses fit over the existing mattress and offer more pressure relief. The pumps are adjustable and some models offer low air loss therapy.

Alternating pressure overlays are a reliable solution for patients looking for a pressure relief system to work with their existing mattress.

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