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What Are Pressure Wounds?

Pressure Wounds and How to Heal Them

Pressure wounds are soft tissue injuries resulting from constant pressure that leads to lack of oxygen and other nutrients, causing skin cells to die.

These wounds are most often the result of sustained pressure, friction, or shear and can lead to many complications like sepsis, cellulitis, bone and joint infection, and in some cases, even cancer. For a more in-depth look at the common causes of pressure, wounds check out this post.

Can a Low Air Loss Mattress Prevent Bed Sores?

Medical air mattresses and other aids prevent this from happening by reducing and shifting the pressure on the skin, thus enabling circulation. Not all patients need medical air mattresses. For instance, if the patient is mobile s/he use a foam or even a regular mattress, depending on the patient.

What is a Low Air Loss Mattress?

A Low air loss mattress is a mattress that is intended to prevent and treat pressure wounds.

Using A Low Air Loss Mattress to Heal Pressure Sores

Composed of multiple inflatable air tubes that alternately inflate and deflate, mimicking the movement of a patient shifting in bed or being rotated by a caregiver, never leaving the patient in one position for any extended length of time. This activity diminishes weight under the body - especially in parts with less cushioning, similar to hips, shoulders, elbows, and heels,, which aids to ensure proper air flow, counteracting, oversee, and treat pressure wounds.

What are the Benefit of a Low Air Loss Mattress?

Low air loss mattresses can be used for both the prevention and treatment of bedsores and pressure wounds. Low air loss mattresses are well suited to any patients susceptible to suffering pressure wounds especially for those patients who are immobilized or patients with medical conditions affecting blood flow. Basically any patient that can't move and reposition themselves while lying in bed.

Who can benefit from a low air loss mattress?

Low air loss mattresses are typically used in caring for those who currently have pressure ulcers, have signs of pressure ulcers, or are immobile. Immobility leads to prolonged pressure on the shoulders, elbows, hips and heels. Those who are immobile and unable to turn and re-position in bed are have the highest risk of developing pressure ulcers.

Some who can benefit from a low air loss mattress are:

• Paraplegic or quadriplegic

• Hospitalized in intensive care;

• Terminally ill patients

•Patients recovering from surgery.

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