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Best Selling Medical Mattresses

Best Selling Medical Mattresses in 2019

In this section we have selected the most popular models recommended by wound care specialists for each stage of decubitus ulcers.

Our selections are based on customer preference, cost, value, and best healing. Each alternating pressure mattress system selected is the most popular medical air mattresses for each stage of decubitus ulcer treatment.

If you are having a difficult time determining the best medical mattress for you or you’re loved one then you can select from our most popular medical mattresses listed in this section.

Pressure Relief Foam mattresses - relieve and redirect pressure from painful pressure areas. Ideal for prevention and basic healing. These pressure relief mattresses are most commonly used to replace basic hospital beds mattresses that come standard with a hospital bed.

Alternating Pressure Mattress - These air mattresses use alternating pressure therapy to heal bedsores. The inner mattress cells will inflate and deflate under the patient to provide circulation of blood flow to the skin. Ideal for healing and prevention commonly used for bedsore stages 1-3. The thicker the medical mattress the more pressure relief the patient will receive.

Low Air Loss Mattresses - therapy circulates air under the patient keeping the skin cool and dry. True low air loss therapy uses a blower pump. It is highly adjustable and most commonly used for comfort and to heal up to stage 4 bedsores. True Low Air loss mattresses are commonly used in hospitals.

At MedicalAirMattress.com a goal of ours is to provide the public with the highest quality medical mattresses and hospital bed equipment for sale online.

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