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Guide to Selecting The Right Medical Air Mattress

Guide to Selecting The Right Medical Air Mattress

Selecting the proper medical air mattress can be overwhelming but it does not have to be difficult.

Are you looking for a guide to selecting the right medical air mattress? Here are a few key points that may be helpful in selecting the proper mattress or hospital bed.

Here are a few common questions we receive often that may help you find the best medical mattress to fit your needs.

Do you need a medical air mattress for long term care?

-This includes patients who spend more than 8 hours in bed
-Patients that need a medical air mattress to heal a stage 2-4 bedsore.
-Patients that need a medical air mattress that remains inflated in the event of power failure.
Long term care medical air mattress

These are the best long term mattress systems. They remain inflated in the event of power failure, include multiple features for pressure relief and can be used for all stages of bedsores. PM8080 is an Alternating Pressure Mattress that is extremely popular in the United States.

My family member wants the same mattress they were on when they were in the hospital. What mattress should I pick?

There are a few primary groups for medical air mattress systems and although they look the same there is a big difference.

Hospital mattress systems typically use a "true low air loss blower pump" The true low air loss pumps are much more powerful than a standard alternating air mattress. They generate 1200-1700 liters of air per minute. The pumps offer additional features such as extended cycles, on demand low air loss and pulsation features.

These high end hospital air mattresses are the best in comfort and healing. Listed below is the hospital mattress in that category. True Low Air Loss Hospital Mattress

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