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Low Air Loss Mattress What is a Low Air Loss Mattress?

True low air loss mattress systems are commonly used in hospitals to heal advanced bed sores. They operate using a blower based pump that is designed to circulate a constant flow of air through the mattress. The blower based pump generates 1000 liters of air per minute and is capable of transferring or wicking more moisture vapor away from the patient. True Low Air Loss Systems manage the proper micro climate and reduces humidity to maintain proper skin temperature.

In addition to the true low air therapy the advanced models now offer a pulsation and alternating feature. Pulsation is designed to decrease swelling and has a massaging benefit that can enhance patient comfort and relieve pain. The Alternating pressure will promote proper blood flow and circulation to the skin. Incorporating all features gives the patient the best mattress for prevention, healing, pressure relief and overall comfort.

True Low air loss mattress is recommended for patients with any stage pressure ulcer, myocutaneous skin flaps, burns, and skin grafts.

If you are looking for the same comfortable sleep you had in the hospital along with the best mattress for healing and long term care then the true low air loss mattress is the correct choice.

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