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Hospital Air Mattress

Hospital Air Mattress with Low Air Loss and Alternating Pressure

At we offer affordable prices on the highest quality hospital air mattresses for sale online.

Best Hospital Air Mattress Systems

Included in this section are the best hospital air mattress systems that are most commonly used in hospitals and nursing homes. All of these medical air mattresses will heal up to stage 4 bed sores and are the most comfortable adjustable air mattresses in their class. Please read our article about bedsore stages by definition for more information. The cloud like sleep surface will benefit even the most demanding patients. The most popular air mattress systems include the True Low Air Loss Max, PM 8080 Alternating Pressure Mattress Stage 4 and the Supra Alternating Pressure Overlay with Low Air Loss.

Hospital Air Mattresses are Commonly Used By Patients Suffering From...

They are commonly used by cancer/oncology patients, spinal cord injury patients, multiple sclerosis patients, burns and skin flaps/graft patients. These hospital air mattresses are are commonly used for multiple sclerosis patients, long term care, arthritis and pain management patients.

High Quality Hospital Air Mattresses for Sale Online

At we offer the highest hospital air mattresses for sale online at affordable prices.

Get Affordable Prices on all Types of Hospital Bed Equipment

In addition to hospital air mattresses, we offer affordable prices on many other types of hospital bed equipment for sale online as well. Browse our website for great prices on alternating pressure mattresses, hospital beds hospita bed mattresses, hospital bed packages and more! Free shipping included on all of our products!

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