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Pressure Relief Products for Feet and Heels

High Quality Pressure Relief Products for Feet and Heels Items in this section offer pressure relief on vulnerable heels. The heels are the most common area for pressure ulcers. Pressure ulcers frequently develop on other bony prominences as well.

According to clinical experts, the most effective aspect of pressure ulcer prevention for the heels is pressure relief, also known as offloading. Offloading is achieved with the use of pillows or heel protection devices that relieve pressure by elevating the heel. Some of these devices also protect the skin from friction and shear, another risk factor for pressure ulcers.

Listed in the section are multiple options for treatment of the heels using protection devices to fit your needs and budget. These devices are excellent tools to implement as part of your pressure ulcer prevention and can be used with many support surfaces such as alternating mattresses, gel mattresses, and pressure pad systems.

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