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Alternating Pressure Mattress Systems

Alternating Pressure Mattress Systems

Alternating Pressure Mattress Systems Info

What are alternating pressure mattress systems and how do they work? Alternating pressure therapy uses pressure redistribution that stimulates blood flow to nourish the skin.

The cells on the mattress inflate and deflate under the patient at a predetermined or adjustable cycle time. This allows time for blood flow to reach the skin healing and preventing bedsores.

Alternating Pressure Mattress System Cycles

Some alternating pressure systems offer an adjustable cycle. Adjustable cycles can be beneficial in pain management and healing. It allows the caretaker the ability to control the cycles to promote blood flow to the skin and adjust for pain management.

Low air loss mattresses work with the alternating pressure and add additional therapy designed to prevent the patients from sweating and getting hot. Low air loss circulates room temperature air through laser holes in the mattress reducing heat and moisture build up on the skin.

Static features can be found on most alternating pressure systems. Placing the mattress into a static mode suspends the alternating feature of the mattress allowing the patient to safely transfer in or out of bed. Using the static button not only safely protects the patient from falls it all can increase the life of the mattress when used as the patient enters and exits the bed.

Alternating Pressure Mattress Systems on MedicalAirMattress.com

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Need Help Choosing an Alternating Pressure Mattress System?

Do you need help picking out the proper alternating pressure mattress system? Feel free to contact us and we can provide you with information on which mattress is best for you, based on your needs and wants!

Popular Alternating Pressure Mattress Systems

The PM8080 alternating pressure mattress is the most popular alternating pressure mattress which is used in hospitals and nursing home facilities. It is designed for treatment healing up to stage 4 bedsores.

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