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Air Mattress For Hospital Bed

Highest Quality Air Mattresses for Hospital Beds

Get a high quality air mattress for a hospital bed at a great price from MedicalAirMattress.com. We offer a variety of premium air mattresses for sale, hospital beds, hospital bed packages and more. We also offer other types of mattresses that are manufactured using premium multi zone foams to reduce pressure, prevent bedsores, and heal decubitus ulcers.

Find a Hospital Bed Air Mattress That Best Fits Your Needs

We aim to provide a variety of the best air mattresses for hospital beds at affordable prices.

Get a Air Mattress for a Hospital Bed That Provides Pressure Relief

Many of our air mattresses for hospital beds are used for pressure relief. Pressure relief is an important part of preventing bed sores and is ideal for long term care. Other types of pressure relief hospital mattresses use multi zones of foam and conform to the patients body. Each zone is comprised high density medical foam that redistributes pressure through out the head, torso, and heels. These pressure reduction hospital mattresses provide a firm bottom layer of foam that prevents the patient from bottoming out. Each pressure reduction hospital mattress comes with a low shear / waterproof cover that and is designed to protect the skin and facilitate safe patient transfers.

Information About Pressure Relief Air Mattresses for Hospital Beds

Our pressure relief hospital air mattresses for sale are designed to fit over most standard medical bed frames. We offer a variety of replacement air mattresses, that are ideal for home use, or to replace the innerspring mattress that normally comes with your hospital bed. Another type of mattress, the Gel Hospital Mattress is designed to offer exceptional pressure relief while preventing heat and friction on the patients skin. This newly designed hospital bed mattress has proven to be the #1 choice in hospital mattress replacements.

Get an air mattress for sale that is designed to work on full electric bed frames. These hospital mattresses will contour and adjust to your electric hospital bed frames. Multiple options for all levels of therapy and price!

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In addition to air mattresses, we offer affordable prices on many other types of hospital bed equipment for sale online as well. Browse our website for great prices on alternating pressure mattresses, alternating pressure overlays, low air loss mattresses and more!

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