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The alternating pressure pads and medical air mattress overlays listed in this section are used to prevent pressure ulcers from forming. Decubitus ulcer prevention generally begins with the use of a gel overlay mattress, but it is now more common for doctors to recommend an alternating pressure mattress to prevent bed sores from developing.

Alternating pressure pads normally come in a fixed or variable setting. The variable alternating pressure system allows you to adjust the firmness or softness of the pad. The fixed alternating pressure sets the pressure pad to a standard firmness before it begins the alternating pressure therapy.

Alternating pressure pads (air mattress overlays) are a great way to prevent and treat pressure ulcers. These alternating pressure pads are light weight and compact. They are great for travel and are easy to install. They are an alternative to heavier products such as gel overlay mattresses. Alternating pressure pads are designed to fit over an existing hospital bed or mattress.

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